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Are you looking for a vegetarian cafe in Liverpool?

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There are so many reasons for us to decide that the Meeting House Cafe will serve vegetarian food.

We know that this is an area where Blackburne House Cafe, our catering partners, excel. When we first ate together it was the appearance and quality of the fresh veggie ingredients as well as the mouth wateringly sensational desserts that impressed us so much. We want to give everyone in central Liverpool vegetarian or not the chance to enjoy it.

We want to be sure that the food you get reflects our commitment to integrity. There have been far too many stories about meat that isn’t what it seems lately. A vegetarian cafe seemed like the best answer.

We care about animal welfare; some of us are veggie, some of us are vegan and some of us are meat eaters. We are all aware of the challenges that face meat producers to cut costs and how this can impact on choices. By serving only vegetarian food we can be sure that we are not contributing to animal cruelty.

We are concerned about sustainability; in terms of water and land use eating meat is several times more costly to the environment than choosing to follow a vegetarian diet.

We hope that you like the food that we offer and are always happy to talk about our menu choices and hear your suggestions.

In friendship,

Liverpool Quakers

Meeting House Cafe
22 School Lane
L1 3BT

Phone: 0151 709 6957

Opening Times :
Monday : 9am - 3pm
Tuesday : 9am - 3pm
Wednesday : 9am - 3pm
Thursday : 9am - 3pm
Friday : 9am - 3pm
Saturday : 9am - 4pm
Sunday : Closed